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Efflorescence on your wall indicates a transfer of humidity from outside the foundation.

  • Respiratory symptoms that persist longer than two weeks.
  • When the structure has incurred water damage from flooding, leaking, infiltration or condensation
  • Before purchasing or renting a property
  • Unusual odors inside
  • Settling a legal dispute.
  • Breaking a lease
  • To lift company morale/productivity

Air labs has been serving Southern Quebec for over fifteen years. Counting among its clients are Canada’s biggest retail chains, Montreal’s most popular sports teams, Quebec’s alcohol retail chain, hospitals, schools, production facilities, offices and residences.

Air-Labs works strictly in air quality reports and does not do decontamination or remediation services, ensuring they have no conflict of interest.

A proud member in good standing of the:

  • Indoor Air Quality Association (I.A.Q.A.),
  • The Quebec Commercial Certification Office (Q.C.C.O.),
  • International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate (I.S.I.A.Q.)
  • Certified Mould Inspector (C.M.I)
  • Certified Mold Assessor (C.M.A.)
  • IAQ Training Institute Certificate in Mould Remediation (IAQTI)

Our moisture meters can detect if there is humidity inside the wall to help detect the source of the mold.

  • A history of water damage inside the building or home
  • Musty or “old” odor is present
  • Respiratory/health symptoms persisting longer than two weeks
  • Before purchasing home to protect your investment.
  • After a renovation due to water damage, humidity or flooding: test your environment to ensure a job well done.
  • If you suspect a problem in your domicile.

Older buildings have very likely been built using asbestos as a fire retardant. Now that asbestos has been identified as a major health risk we must pay close attention decaying materials, water damaged structure to ensure dangerous asbestos fibers don’t become released into the air, causing a health hazard.

Before any important demolition or renovation: ensure the construction materials do not contain asbestos, or suffer the risk of inhaling toxic asbestos fibers. We can sample a discreet section of the wall for analysis.

Decontamination is expensive and time consuming, test for asbestos as a precaution before selling or buying a home to ensure a real estate transaction free of hidden defects.

Air-Labs provides laboratory analysis, reports and consultation foe the following contaminants.

  • Radon
  • Chemicals
  • VOCs
  • Dust
  • Particulates
  • Fumes
  • Smoke
  • Formaldehyde
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Soot
  • Ash

Children are more vulnerable to poor indoor air quality because their immune systems are not fully developed.

First will conduct preliminary phone interview during which we will gather the important details of your concern.

Once we have assessed your needs we will propose to you the appropriate analysis and service for your approval and arrange for an inspection within a few days.

Upon arrival we will survey the environment in question gathering additional information.

Our inspections typically last 1-2 hours, the larger the area the longer the inspection.

Samples, readings and photos will then be taken and carefully observed during the inspection period. Air-Labs uses the most up to date, calibrated equipment and instruments to offer our clients the most accurate data possible.

Samples are then analyzed in our accredited laboratory by a microbiologist who will then prepare your results.

Your written report will then be prepared containing:

  • Lab results
  • Interpretation of those results
  • All related data from our instrument readings.
  • Photos to clearly identify of all problem areas
  • Conclusion
  • Recommendations
  • Commnetary
  • Referrals for additional work only if necessary.

Follow up telephone consultation available upon request.


  • Montreal
  • Laval
  • Longueuil
  • Laurentions
  • Monteregie
  • Lanaudiere
  • Eastern townships
  • St-Jerome
  • South shore
  • St-Jean-sur-Richelieu


Problem with contamination of the air in the house.

A few words to express all our appreciation for the quality of the service that you have given us with the problem that we had about the contamination of the air in our house.

Not only did you do your work with professionalism. But you also accompanied us in the best way to solve the problem. When such a problem occurs we feel very lost. What is the best thing to do? How do we solve the problem? You could have done like other people’’ here is my expertise, now take care of it yourselves. Not you Mr. Trudel, you remained at our disposal.

You have been a consultant. You have even accepted to get in touch with the company that did the decontamination work & you also convinced the owner of the company not to use Javel water. The owner of that company confided with us that he found the communication enriching. The three employees of that company also admitted to us that they were much more at ease to do that kind of work in our situation. What may we ask for more….

As you know Mr. Trudel, I mentioned to you already for almost one year I had to consult my doctor. I was complaining of some unusual fatigue. My doctor was also aware that we were having relationship problems with our 27 year old daughter came to the conclusion that my symptoms had become the result of a small depression. The worse part was that even my husband was in agreement with that conclusion. I had to pick up a lot of courage to confront my husband ‘’that I had had enough. ‘’Why when I leave the house , all my energies come back to me & when I return after two, three hours, I loose all my energies again? Why do we have to run the Air Conditioner at full force so that I can breathe better? Why this & Why that? That is when he accepted that we should get the air analyzed’’ Once again, maybe without realizing it you intervened in a very HUMAINE way Today I do not talk by myself any more we dialogue, not only about the quality of the air but also about everything else.

These are the reasons that I wanted to express to you our acknowledgment but also mine.

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Monique Guay-Jean

Breathing Problems and chronic fatigue

We contacted Mr. Trudel because we were having doubts that something was not normal in our apartment. We had started to have breathing problems and a chronic fatigue. After a few months we decided to act and we called AIR-LABS. The service was exceptional from the beginning to the end. Mr. Trudel visited us a few days following our call and he proceeded to analyze the air. Two days later he telephoned to announce that we should leave the apartment because there were mold spores in the air in large quantities. AIR-LABS have been one of our best investments because we both agree that our health has no price.

Thank you Mr. Trudel and all your team,

Ilias and Viky Directors Baila Productions Inc.

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