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Services We Offer

Mold Inspection

Airborne spore counts, humidity inspections, and surface sampling, among other techniques to ensure your home is safe.

Asbestos Testing

Full home analysis of your walls, floors, and ceilings to detect this dangerous mineral.

Air Quality

We can evaluate air particles from between 1-10 microns, to adequately detect any harmful contaminants

Radon Testing

Radon emerges from the natural process of breakdown that occurs in rocks, soil, and water

Keeping Families in South Shore (Montérégie) Safe

Highly qualified specialists at Air Labs can quickly and accurately work out what's affecting your air quality. We help you by diagnosing the problem facing your property in South Shore (Montérégie) so that you can fix the problem as soon as possible.


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Why South Shore (Montérégie) Homeowners Call Air-Labs?

Homeowners looking to take their health seriously turn to Air-Labs. We are a top choice in South Shore (Montérégie) because:

  • We Are Passionate

    We are passionate about keeping your family and home safe. Our team prides itself on its work and commitment to honest practices. We strive to keep our rates competitive while producing exceptional results.

  • We Have Experience

    Since 1999, we’ve served South Shore (Montérégie) and surrounding areas. Our professionals use their years of experience and the latest techniques to deliver unmatched service.

    We’ve built a strong reputation among our customers and continue to grow our client base.

  • We Offer Comprehensive Services

    With us, you won’t have to rely on other companies. We offer comprehensive services, including:

    • Mold Inspection
    • Asbestos Inspection
    • Air Quality Testing
    • Radon Gas Inspection
Mold inspection

Mold Inspection

What causes mold to grow indoors? It usually happens when moisture rots materials such as wood, paper, and even insulation.

Mold growth can cause health issues for residents. If you suspect growth, hire our mold inspection services as soon as possible.

Signs you may have mold growth include:

Musty odor

Persistent respiratory symptoms

The building has a history of flooding or water damage

Asbestos Inspection

Builders commonly used asbestos in homes up until the 1980s.

This prevalence was because the material is an excellent fire retardant. However, we now know that asbestos can cause significant health issues.

You should hire an asbestos testing service if:

Your home was built before 1980

You plan on getting construction done

You plan on buying or selling a property

Through an asbestos inspection, you’ll be protecting you and your family from severe (and permanent) health consequences.

Asbestos testing

Air Quality Testing

We spend much of our time indoors, meaning indoor air quality is just as important as it is outdoors.

Even if your home’s air seems clean, many contaminants go undetected.

Verify that your home is a safe place to live through air quality testing. Our machines can detect the smallest microscopic particles, allowing us to give you accurate reports.

Radon Gas Inspection

Radon is a harmful gas that has made its way into homes across the continent. An extended exposure can lead to lung cancer, with smoking increasing these odds.

Radon testing is the only way to know for sure if the gas is present in your home.

Radon gas testing

Frequently Asked Questions

Air-Labs will guide you towards the air quality inspection YOU need. Everyone’s circumstance is different and the accuracy of our testing ultimately means we need to test for the proper contaminant. As well, our inspections will include a holistic approach taking the entire building envelope into consideration always with solutions as our prime objective.

Air-Labs will help guide you towards the service and advice best suited to your specific needs. Indoor air quality can be affected by many types of contaminants. Indoor air can be impacted by mold, radon, asbestos, VOCs (chemicals), particulates, bacteria, viruses, allergens, and even outdoor pollution.

Efflorescence on your wall indicates a transfer of humidity from outside the foundation.

  • Respiratory symptoms that persist longer than two weeks.
  • When the structure has incurred water damage from flooding, leaking, infiltration or condensation
  • Before purchasing or renting a property
  • Unusual odors inside
  • Settling a legal dispute.
  • Breaking a lease
  • To lift company morale/productivity

Before buying or selling a property.
When there has been water damage.
When you notice a musty, old, or damp odor.
If you notice chronic symptoms when present in the indoor environment.

A typical inspection lasts between 1 and 2 hours depending on the size and scope of the mandate.

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