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Mold Inspection & Air Quality Testing
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Mold Inspection

Airborne spore counts, humidity inspections, and surface sampling, among other techniques to ensure your home is safe.

Asbestos Testing

Full home analysis of your walls, floors, and ceilings to detect this dangerous mineral.

Air Quality

We can evaluate air particles from between 1-10 microns, to adequately detect any harmful contaminants

Radon Testing

Radon emerges from the natural process of breakdown that occurs in rocks, soil, and water

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Our team members take each call of yours seriously in West Island. We will work to provide an efficient, reliable assessment of your situation so you can get back to your normal routine as soon as possible.

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Got Mold in Your Home?

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Why West Island Homeowners Call Air Labs?

West Island homeowners call Air Labs because they trust our services and reputation. We strive to provide you with the best air quality testing with straightforward answers about any air quality issues affecting your property.

It’s important to us that you and your family love your home and live a healthy life in it. Contact us today to make your home a safer place for your family.

Our Services

Mold inspection

Mold Inspection

Unfortunately, mold brings adverse health risks. Amongst other symptoms, people experience fatigue and trouble breathing. And, by the time you experience these symptoms, mold may already be at an advanced state. When it comes to mold:

Sometimes, you can’t see it because it’s hidden behind the walls

When you do see it, the problem may already be more significant than you think

This is why you need a professional inspector in the West Island to be on your side. Air Labs is here, locally ready to help with a mold inspection in the West Island.

However, we don’t perform mold remediation services. This is because we like to stay unbiased during the inspection. This way, you know we don’t have an incentive to sell you mold remediation. We come in, inspect for mold, and let you know whether you need to take further action to be safe in your home.

Asbestos Testing Service

We also offer an asbestos testing service, which is essential before breaking down any walls or demolitions. Asbestos can be extremely harmful to the lungs and cause irreparable damage to the body.

If you suspect you have asbestos in your home and thinking about remodeling, give us a call. We’ll be happy to assess the situation with you.

Asbestos testing
Radon gas testing

Radon Testing

The reason radon testing is important is that this is a radioactive gas you can’t see. Unless you test it correctly, you don’t know if your house has radon. If you’re concerned about radon, Air Labs is here for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Air-Labs will guide you towards the air quality inspection YOU need. Everyone’s circumstance is different and the accuracy of our testing ultimately means we need to test for the proper contaminant. As well, our inspections will include a holistic approach taking the entire building envelope into consideration always with solutions as our prime objective.

Air-Labs will help guide you towards the service and advice best suited to your specific needs. Indoor air quality can be affected by many types of contaminants. Indoor air can be impacted by mold, radon, asbestos, VOCs (chemicals), particulates, bacteria, viruses, allergens, and even outdoor pollution.

If mold is observed during a pre-purchase inspection, an Air-Labs report will help you understand the seriousness of the issue as well as offer details on potential sources and recommendations towards solutions.

It is in the client’s best interest to have a professional indoor air quality professional assess and make recommendations prior to a remediation project. This allows for a “before and “after” inspection that can properly document if an abatement project was successful or not. As well, as a third party Air-Labs can impartially make recommendations without risk of any conflict of interest.


Before buying or selling a property.
When there has been water damage.
When you notice a musty, old, or damp odor.
If you notice chronic symptoms when present in the indoor environment.

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Air quality testing is a vital aspect of healthy living. Whether it’s inspecting for mold or radon, it’s essential to know that you and your family are out of harm’s way. These invisible dangers are hard to test without the correct equipment. That’s why Air Labs is proud to serve our community in the West Island.

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