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Are you concerned about the air quality in your house? Your family can develop breathing problems, chronic fatigue, and other respiratory problems if the air in your home is contaminated. One of the major causes of this is radon: a colorless, odorless, and tasteless radioactive gas found in the soil.

If left unchecked, the radon concentration in closed places can cause serious health problems such as cancer. At Air Labs, we have identified effective ways to eliminate this problem through radon gas testing.

Radon Gas Testing
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What is Radon Gas Testing?

This process involves sampling the quality of air in a home using radon gas detectors. The detectors are left in the house for a few weeks or months to show the number of alpha particle emissions.

Our specialists examine the readings and recommend suitable mitigation options if the gas levels are beyond the Action Level. We aim to identify and reduce radon levels by sealing all entry points. One of the methods we use to draw radon gas from the house is ventilating using PVC piping.

Why Trust Our Radon Testing and Mitigation Service?

At Air Labs, we use some of the most sophisticated and safe technology to identify and mitigate radon gas in homes. Our experts understand every aspect of radon gas, the possible entry points, and most ideal mitigation methods.

Radon can get into your house through:

  • Gaps in suspended floors and around service pipes
  • Cracks in walls and floors
  • Construction joints
  • Caulk foundation cracks
  • Gaps in crawl spaces

We will help you to seal any cracks and gaps that may be causing radon penetration in your house. Our experts are certified and have the knowledge to answer all your questions about radon mitigation.

Should You Be Concerned About Radon in Your Home?

Yes. Radon gas can go undetected due to its odorless and colorless state. Unlike mold, which is easy to see, this gas is not easy to identify unless you involve an expert. You don’t have to wait for your family to develop health problems to look for a solution.

Air Lab is determined to secure your family and house against the effects of radon gases by offering reliable detection and mitigation services. Our services are beyond the ordinary because:

  • We do short-term and long-term testing
  • We use proven gas extraction techniques
  • Our experts identify and seal all entry points
  • We put safety fast by using quality equipment and safe mitigation methods
  • We retest to ensure radon gas does not make its way back in your house
  • All our experts are certified and experienced

What We Cover?

Air Labs can handle any radon inspection and mitigation tasks. We serve residences, commercial buildings, and various institutions in Southern Quebec and beyond. Our procedure involves testing for radon gas, checking the possible entry points, and removing the gas. We also offer sealing services and retesting to ensure your home is radon-free.

What Our Clients Are Saying Online

Breathing Problems and Chronic Fatigue

We contacted Mr. Trudel because we were having doubts that something was not normal in our apartment. We had started to have breathing problems and chronic fatigue. After a few months, we decided to act and we called AIR-LABS. The service was exceptional from the beginning to the end. Mr. Trudel visited us a few days following our call and he proceeded to analyze the air. Two days later he telephoned to announce that we should leave the apartment because there were mold spores in the air in large quantities. AIR-LABS has been one of our best investments because we both agree that our health has no price.

Thank you, Mr. Trudel and all your team.

Ilias and Viky

Directors Baila Productions Inc.

Problem With Contamination of the Air in the House.

A few words to express all our appreciation for the quality of the service that you have given us with the problem that we had about the contamination of the air in our house.

Not only did you do your work with professionalism. But you also accompanied us in the best way to solve the problem. When such a problem occurs we feel very lost. What is the best thing to do? How do we solve the problem? You could have done like other people’’ here is my expertise, now take care of it yourselves. Not you Mr. Trudel, you remained at our disposal.

Monique Guay-Jean

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