Relaxed woman resting breathing fresh air at home on sofa

How to Choose a Trustworthy Indoor Air Quality Testing Company?

We rarely put much thought into the air we breathe – even though we take thousands of breaths every day. The quality of the air can have a significant impact on our health in numerous ways. It impacts our sleep quality, the health of our lungs and heart, and even our energy levels and mental…
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Ideal indoor humidity level for your family

What is the Ideal Indoor Humidity Level for Your Family?

It doesn’t matter if you live in far northern Canada or in the deep South – humidity affects homes and families everywhere. In fact, improper humidity levels can have a big impact on people’s health, their comfort, and the overall well-being of their homes. Humidity levels reflect the amount of water vapor in the air.…
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What does asbestos look like

What Does Asbestos Look Like? A Homeowner’s Guide

Asbestos: it’s a scary word, and one that almost everyone is at least somewhat familiar with. You’re probably hearing a little more about it now that Canada reportedly has one of the highest mesothelioma cancer rates in the world as a result of asbestos exposure. Unfortunately, high usage of the material back in the mid-1900s…
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Redhead woman at kitchen feeling unwell and coughing

What Are the Symptoms of Poor Air Quality in a Home?

You should feel safe in your home. It’s a place where you should literally be able to breathe easily and relax. But, unfortunately, that’s not the case for many Canadians – whether they realize it or not. Indoor air pollutants are on the rise as building construction and the use of synthetic materials and cleaners…
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Woman watching mold in her house

7 Reasons Why a Mold Inspection Is Crucial Before Buying a House

A good mold inspection can save you a lot of money, time and headaches. It’s an exciting day when you close on the sale of a new home. But it can be easy to get ahead of yourself when you find the seemingly perfect house and buy it right away. Unfortunately, in some cases, this…
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10 reasons test home mold

10 Reasons to Test Your Home for Mold

Mold is incredibly common in homes as it can grow on any surface that is exposed to indoor moisture. Some types of mold are great – like the mold that grows on cheese and makes it more delicious. However, mold growth within homes is dangerous and can lead to poor indoor air quality and create…
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