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Mold is not just a surface issue. You can wipe off and deep clean it all you want; however, this will not eliminate the root problem. If there is mold growing in your home or business, it is because of a systemic problem. This problem is causing conditions that allow mold to grow indoors. Common problems of this nature include condensation, leaks, humidity, inadequate circulation, high temperatures, flooding, and more.

Cleaning mold without addressing the root causes only makes your effort a temporary fix. Mold will return and create health problems, affect the value of your home and impact productivity. Air Labs provides thorough mold inspection services that reveal the deeper issues. Catching the problem at its source is essential to prevent further damage.


Serving the Local Community For Over a Decade

Our loyal clients love that Air-Labs is transparent and unbiased. We do not operate mold remediation services, which we see as a conflict of interest. Sometimes big problems have easy and inexpensive solutions! With a detailed Air-Labs consultation report you can easily save many thousands of dollars in mold remediation services. Confident you’ve been informed by a Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant whose sole mandate is to advise the client.
The diagnosis of the mold issue is correct, open, and functional. Our company doesn't uncharge or include hidden fees. What the client sees is what they get when it comes to mold inspection and testing.

For 15 years, Air Labs has been promoting good air quality all over Montreal, Southern Quebec, and Laval. Our company does this by providing high-quality air inspection services. We service and check the following conditions:

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Mold inspection

Why Inspect For Mold?

Mold is more than just an unwanted substance. It can damage the body when inhaled or ingested. It spreads quickly and is difficult to contain. Inspecting for mold means reducing its impact by finding a systemic solution faster. Extensive mold damage spreads, increases in intensity, and does permanent damage to the walls, floors, or ceiling.

Inspecting your property for mold allows you to eliminate the problem before it spreads and worsens. This means you'll save money in the long run, protect your property, and yourself!

The talented and experienced experts at Air Labs know how to identify severe strains like black mold. The company can quickly and efficiently rid any interior or exterior space of mold damage and reduce the impact of the infestation in the first place.

Trust the Experts

Air Labs hires only the best experts in mold inspection. As one of the top home inspection companies in the industry, Air Labs ensures that all experts pass their necessary certifications. This means that they can identify dangerous molds and find the source of the problem.

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Clients interested in taking advantage of Air Labs' comprehensive mold inspection services can reach out via the website. Our expert staff can perform water damage and mold inspections, as well as an odor inspection and other necessary tests.

Whether you are worried about your property or ensuring safety for renters, employees, patients, or others within a facility that you own or manage, Air Labs has the inspection services that you need. Those interested can fill out a secure contact form on the website to get a free quote today. Inspections can be scheduled fast and the result delivered on the next day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

After the telephone consultation, we can usually offer a reliable estimate.

If mold is observed during a pre-purchase inspection, an Air-Labs report will help you understand the seriousness of the issue as well as offer details on potential sources and recommendations towards solutions.

A typical inspection lasts between 1 and 2 hours depending on the size and scope of the mandate.

It is in the client’s best interest to have a professional indoor air quality professional assess and make recommendations prior to a remediation project. This allows for a “before and “after” inspection that can properly document if an abatement project was successful or not. As well, as a third party Air-Labs can impartially make recommendations without risk of any conflict of interest.

Yes. Too often home-sellers are called out by a house inspector for issues they could have easily resolved themselves. Do not lose a potential sale, and have an Air-Labs report on any hidden problems a home seller may not be aware of.


Humidity in contact with a decomposable that doesn’t dry efficiently is the source of all mould. This includes issues created condensation, water damage or relative humidity. Usually, mold growth is propelled by a lack of ventilation, which is why often mould is a hidden problem.

We begin with a telephone interview to understand the context and reason for the visit. On the inspection day, we will then walk through the area of concern with the client to assess the environment. Once the inspection begins our most commonly employed techniques include the following

1-Infra red camera / thermal imaging: This technology allows us to detail unusual changes in surface temperatures to assess for leaks or condensation problems.

2-Humidity meter: This instrument allows us to asses the moisture level at a depth beyond the surface. So if humidity is gathering behind said surface we can detect it and provide that percentage in the written report.

3- Air compressor: Otherwise known as an air pump this allows us to sample the air with accuracy. The pump is carefully calibrated at the beginning of each inspection to offer our clients the most reliable results possible.

4- Camera/Flashlight: To document our findings

5-We will also employ instruments to gather data related to relative humidity, temperature, dew point, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide.

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