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Real Estate Agents

Protect Your Reputation

Homebuyers these days are keenly aware of the potential health and financial risks associated with air contamination.

Real-estate agents protect your good name and avoid legal complications by selling a contamination-free home. When suggesting an air test, your clients will know they are being protected by a professional, trustworthy, and responsible agent.

Our reports provide scientific proof by the finest chemists in the country on the presence of contaminants in the home. Allow your clients the freedom of peace of mind and recommend an air analysis of their future home.

While a musty odour is commonly associated with mould, very often there is no obvious evidence at all.

Some typical areas that can be considered vulnerable to mold (hidden or visible) include basements, bathrooms, kitchens, cold rooms, attics, closets, former indoor plantation operations, corner rooms, home extensions, etc.

Protect Your Reputation
Selling a Property

Selling a Property

Protect Your Income

Avoid the expensive and lengthy legal battles from selling/buying a contaminated home and call Air-Labs first.

In a competitive housing market, we offer dis-arming confidence by providing your prospective buyers with an air quality report that demonstrates that your home has been well maintained. Homebuyers are always on the lookout for costly hidden defects, and home inspectors are often too quick to point out minor faults that can lose a sale.

Our Air quality reports can also make you aware of hidden defects caused by mold, asbestos, radon, formaldehyde, or VOCs. Find the problem before your potential buyers do. Our consultants will provide you with guidelines to ensure your home stands up to the highest scrutiny of house inspectors.

Avoid the expensive and lengthy legal battles from selling a contaminated home and call Air-Labs.

Buying a Property

Protect Your Investment

Negotiate a better price if our air quality inspection reveals problems.

Consider the expensive mistake of purchasing a contaminated home. The slow, painful discovery that behind those freshly painted walls are the bones of a neglected or a poorly built house. All the while was experiencing deteriorating health.

Mould contamination is a risk for any property that has sustained leaks, condensation, infiltration, floods, poor ventilation, insufficient insulation, and plumbing problems.

Even Freshly renovated homes can create a risk for Formaldehyde and chemical contamination.
Are you planning a redesign? Sample the walls for asbestos first.
Protect yourself and your investment with an Air-Labs indoor air quality report.

Buying a Property
Renters - Protect Your Right


Protect Your Rights

Renters are too often living in contaminated, moldy apartments.

A common complaint is, “the landlord doesn’t believe there is a problem.” What can you do? Allow Air-Labs to provide the scientific proof you need. Our air tests can determine if there is a health threat present in the air or the dust of your duplex, apartment, condominium or any other type of d


Protect Your Property

When a tenant’s lifestyle damages your property.

Lan investigates when their tenants’ lifestyle habits are creating potential mold problems. Make sure mold does not develop due to a tenant’s negligent treatment of your property. We will provide proof of problems in the apartment that can help settle disputes. Our reports also will instruct tenants on how to avoid such complications.

Landlords often get complaints of poor indoor air quality when there is no problem at all!

Air-Labs can help by providing proof of good air quality and disqualify baseless complaints.

We also provide expert witness testimony in court proceedings to support our scientific reports.

Landlords - Protect Your Property
Chronic Symptoms - Protect Your Family

Chronic Symptoms / Health Professionals

Protect Your Family

Ask your doctor for a prescription for air analysis.

Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms: persistent cough, sneezing, headache, itchy eyes, nasal congestion, chronic fatigue, asthma and respiratory issues, skin rash, or a variety of other symptoms? Chances are you may be in perfectly good health and simply reacting to your unhealthy environment.

While we trust our doctors to give us sound medical advice, all too often, they don’t have enough information for a proper diagnosis. Inform your doctor of all concerns regarding your air quality at home, work, or even friends and relatives. He can help by providing a tax-deductible medical prescription for a professional air test. The more information your doctor has, the better he can serve you.

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