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Saint-Jérome attracts people from all over for its festivals and graceful local attractions, such as the Vieux-Palais. The families and older populations that call Saint-Jérome are most at risk when it comes to poor air quality. However, anyone exposed may develop severe respiratory issues and chronic fatigue.

Our testing also allows you to provide your landlord with proof of unsafe living conditions.


Services We Offer

Mold Inspection

Airborne spore counts, humidity inspections, and surface sampling, among other techniques to ensure your home is safe.

Asbestos Testing

Full home analysis of your walls, floors, and ceilings to detect this dangerous mineral.

Air Quality

We can evaluate air particles from between 1-10 microns, to adequately detect any harmful contaminants

Radon Testing

Radon emerges from the natural process of breakdown that occurs in rocks, soil, and water

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Why Saint-Jérome Homeowners Call Air Labs?

If you are a resident in Saint-Jérome, Quebec, you can trust our team at Air Labs to take care of pressing issues in your home. All of our staff have the training and expertise to inspect your home and gather the evidence we need for accurate testing.

We are here to give you and other residents the knowledge you deserve about your living conditions.

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What Do We Offer?

At Air Labs, we understand that not every home in Saint-Jérome is the same. Each homeowner experiences unique issues with their property, depending on where they live. That is why we offer several types of testing, including:

Mold Inspection

Mold Inspection

Saint-Jérome, like many cities in Quebec, experiences long and snowy winters. The moisture accumulates from excessive snow has causes mold for many homes in the area.

At Air Labs, we offer excellent mold inspection for those in Saint-Jérome. With our company, we only provide testing, no remediation services. That's another reason why you can trust us. We will give an honest, unbiased report on the status of your home.

Asbestos Testing Service

At Air Labs, we offer asbestos testing throughout your home. We take air samples, and we study vermiculite and piping insulation. We also analyze the walls, ceilings, and floors of your home.

The sooner you know about dangerous asbestos in your home, the faster you can act.

Asbestos Testing

Air Quality Testing

Saint-Jérome residents deserve to know how clean the air they're breathing is. That is why Air Labs is here to help with our air quality testing services. Our experts can detect the smallest pollutants and determine the source of low-quality air.

Radon Testing

Because of Saint-Jérome's location in the northern regions of North America, your home may be susceptible to radon gas.

?Radon is a radioactive gas that can cause severe damage to your health. It is almost impossible to detect with the human senses, which makes professional testing that much more critical.

We're happy to test your home for this dangerous chemical to keep you and your family safe all year long.

Radon Gas Testing

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