Our air quality testing specialists will help you achieve excellent air quality to help you breathe easy and eliminate chronic fatigue, get rid of headaches and do away with mold symptoms hazardous to your health as a result of toxic mold and mildew.

Chemical Air Analysis We do the base analysis as follows:

Mold or mould, is the result of stagnant moisture rotting a decomposable material. When this occurs outdoors it is natural and expected. When this decomposition occurs indoors it can create health problems.

Who is at risk?

  • A history of water damage inside the building or home
  • Musty or “old” odor is noticed
  • Respiratory symptoms persisting longer than two weeks
  • Young children, the elderly and immune compromised individuals

Infrared imaging will detect cold patches inside your walls which can help discover hidden water infiltration.

Mould inspection Services:

  • Airborne spore count
  • Humidity detection behind surfaces
  • Relative humidity inspection
  • Infrared imaging
  • Surface sampling
  • Bulk material sampling

Above is an example of the tiles below a bathroom toilet bowl, once removed we see the decomposing floor that create airborne mold.

Dry rot may not always be visible but is more likely to create airborne mold spores, than recently wetted materials.

Some areas to investigate:

  • Attic: Due to lack of ventilation or roof infiltration
  • Ventilation system: Can accumulate contaminants over time
  • Basement: The most vulnerable area of the home
  • Bathrooms/kitchen: Plumbing leaks
  • Rooms with cold walls: lack of insulation will create condensation in the wall
  • Cold rooms are often not installed properly and will create mold

Radon is a radioactive gas that has been detected in houses and buildings all over North America. Radon is created by the natural breakdown of uranium in soil, rock, and water and can contaminate the air you breathe. TypicallyRadon moves up through the ground into the air above and can seep into your home through cracks and other breaches in the foundation. The basement is the most appropriate area of the home to assess for noxious gas.

Why test for radon?

  • Odorless, colorless,tasteless. Impossible to detect without testing
  • High radon levels can increase risk lung cancer
  • Radon and tobacco use together increase lung cancer risk by up to 20 times.

Radon Inspection Services:

  • Short term exposure 48-72 hours (ideal for real estate transactions)
  • Long term exposure 3 to 12 months
  • Combo package

Asbestos is a mineral that is mined from the soil. It has was used during construction as a natural fire retardant. It was added to many building products up to the 1980s. Common building materials that contain asbestos include but are not limited to:

  • Vermiculite insulation
  • 9”x9” floor tiles
  • Acoustic ceiling tiles
  • White tape on heating ducts
  • Insulation on boiler pipes and boilers
  • Old asbestos cement siding
  • Popcorn ceiling texture
  • Glues used under flooring

Once asbestos fibres have lodged in your lungs it is permanent and can cause major health problems.

Who is at risk?

  • Homes, buildings built before the mid 1980s
  • Vermiculite insulation (attic and basement)
  • Wet or damaged tiles, wall, ceiling or insulation materials

When to test for asbestos

  • Before purchasing a house
  • Before demolition of walls or structure suspected of asbestos

Asbestos Services:

  • Airborne sampling for asbestos fibers (CSST standards)
  • Vermiculite insulation
  • Piping insulation
  • Wall analysis
  • Ceiling analysis
  • Floor tile analysis

VOCs are a large group of chemicals that are present in indoor and outdoor air and can be emitted into indoor air from many sources.

  • Vehicle exhaust
  • Off-gassing from furniture
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Paint
  • Glue
  • Varnish
  • Flooring materials
  • Household Cleaners & air fresheners

What to look for:

  • Respiratory problems
  • Irritation of eyes, nose, throat
  • Headaches
  • Asthma

When to test for VOCs

  • Before buying a home
  • After a major renovation
  • Detect 2nd hand smoke
  • Expecting a child
  • Those with wood heating and/or stoves
  • Businesses that use solvents
  • People with chemical sensitivity

Formaldehyde /VOC’s testing Services:

  • Service includes testing a minimum of three areas of the indoor environment.
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Identification of contaminant
  • Written report and conclusionsprovided within days.

We will evaluate “clean” office/home settings as well as harsh industrial workplaces, construction and environmental sites, and other outdoor applications. We can measures aerosol contaminants such as dust, smoke, fumes, and mists.

  • Industrial/occupational hygiene surveys
  • Indoor air quality investigations
  • Point source location monitoring
  • Baseline trending and screening
  • Engineering control evaluations

We can evaluate microscopic particles between:

  • 1 micron
  • 2.5 microns
  • 4 microns
  • 10 microns

We can detect:

  • Dust particulates
  • Vapor
  • Smoke
  • Fumes
  • Mists

Air-Labs provides reports and expert testimony to prove your case. We have been recognized as a expert witness in:

  • Regie de logement
  • Superior court
  • Municipal court
  • Small claims court

When a serious health risk is discovered and the party responsible does not take appropriate action, we must consider legal solutions and in certain scenarios a legal dispute will land in court.

  • Hidden defects in a new property
  • Breaking a lease
  • Written reports with photos based on accredited laboratory findings.
  • Expert testimony 15 years experience, poised and confident.

A fire can create a complex cocktail of indoor air quality issues and residual accumulation on surfaces.

Wood smoke can create many indoor air quality hazards:

  • Soot and ash
  • carbon monoxide
  • methane,
  • VOCs,
  • Formaldehyde,
  • benzene
  • acetic acid
  • formic acid
  • toluene
  • oxides of nitrogen
  • sulfur dioxide
  • organic carbon
  • heavy metals.

Fires in homes are not just of wood but include:

  • plastics
  • fabrics
  • chemicals
  • other construction materials.

Air-Labs is always available to advise on your unique situation and concerns. Contact us for a consultation on your specific needs.

  • Consultation
  • Annual or regularly scheduled assessments
  • Long-term exposure (one week, one month or more)
  • Review and comment on an indoor air quality report from another company


Mold symptoms are often misdiagnosed for common health issues such as chronic fatigue, frequent headaches and nasal congestion, among others. Even if not always visible to the eye, mold and mildew may be hiding in your home or office, threatening the health of beloved family members and friends on a daily basis. Without proper corporate or residential air quality testing, mold and mildew and other organic compounds are just some of the threats landlords and homeowners are continuously faced with. Office air quality also has a major impact on attendance and productivity and can easily be resolved with reliable air quality testing as conducted by our experts. Mold and mildew: just one more way we can help you achieve optimum indoor air quality using our reliable air quality testing processes.


A lack of professional air quality testing leaves you with contaminated air to breathe, causing chronic fatigue and decreasing productivity in the home as well as in the workplace. Poor office air quality will be dramatically improved with our in-depth investigation and specialized air quality testing processes, enabling you to reduce absenteeism while increasing productivity. Residential air quality testing and air quality testing in the workplace is the solution for a healthy environment.


Renters are too often living in contaminated, moldy apartments. A common complaint is “the landlord doesn’t believe there is a problem”. What can you do? Allow Air-Labs to provide the scientific proof you need. Our air tests can determine if there is a health threat present in the air or in the dust of your duplex, apartment, condominium or any other type of domicile. Protect your right to live in a healthy and clean living environment.

By contrast, some landlords must investigate when their tenants’ lifestyle habits are creating potential mold problems. Make sure mold does not develop due to a tenant’s negligent treatment of your property.

Protect your property and allow us to write a report that will instruct tenants how to avoid such complications and detail the issues of concern.We also provide expert witness testimony in court proceedings to support our scientific reports


Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms: persistent cough, sneezing, headache, itchy eyes, nasal congestion, chronic fatigue, asthma and respiratory issues, skin rash or a variety of other symptoms? Chances are you may be in perfectly good health and simply reacting to your unhealthy environment.

Ask your doctor for a prescription for an air analysis.

While we trust our doctors to give us sound medical advice, all too often they don’t have enough information for a proper diagnosis. Inform your doctor of any and all concerns regarding your air quality at home, work, or even friends and relatives. He can help by providing a tax deductible medical prescription for a professional air test. The more information your doctor has the better he can serve you.


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Problem with contamination of the air in the house.

A few words to express all our appreciation for the quality of the service that you have given us with the problem that we had about the contamination of the air in our house.

Not only did you do your work with professionalism. But you also accompanied us in the best way to solve the problem. When such a problem occurs we feel very lost. What is the best thing to do? How do we solve the problem? You could have done like other people’’ here is my expertise, now take care of it yourselves. Not you Mr. Trudel, you remained at our disposal.

You have been a consultant. You have even accepted to get in touch with the company that did the decontamination work & you also convinced the owner of the company not to use Javel water. The owner of that company confided with us that he found the communication enriching. The three employees of that company also admitted to us that they were much more at ease to do that kind of work in our situation. What may we ask for more….

As you know Mr. Trudel, I mentioned to you already for almost one year I had to consult my doctor. I was complaining of some unusual fatigue. My doctor was also aware that we were having relationship problems with our 27 year old daughter came to the conclusion that my symptoms had become the result of a small depression. The worse part was that even my husband was in agreement with that conclusion. I had to pick up a lot of courage to confront my husband ‘’that I had had enough. ‘’Why when I leave the house , all my energies come back to me & when I return after two, three hours, I loose all my energies again? Why do we have to run the Air Conditioner at full force so that I can breathe better? Why this & Why that? That is when he accepted that we should get the air analyzed’’ Once again, maybe without realizing it you intervened in a very HUMAINE way Today I do not talk by myself any more we dialogue, not only about the quality of the air but also about everything else.

These are the reasons that I wanted to express to you our acknowledgment but also mine.

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Monique Guay-Jean

Breathing Problems and chronic fatigue

We contacted Mr. Trudel because we were having doubts that something was not normal in our apartment. We had started to have breathing problems and a chronic fatigue. After a few months we decided to act and we called AIR-LABS. The service was exceptional from the beginning to the end. Mr. Trudel visited us a few days following our call and he proceeded to analyze the air. Two days later he telephoned to announce that we should leave the apartment because there were mold spores in the air in large quantities. AIR-LABS have been one of our best investments because we both agree that our health has no price.

Thank you Mr. Trudel and all your team,

Ilias and Viky Directors Baila Productions Inc.

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