What Can I Expect If I Hire Air-Labs?

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First will conduct preliminary phone interview during which we will gather the important details of your concern.

Once we have assessed your needs we will propose to you the appropriate analysis and service for your approval and arrange for an inspection within a few days.

Upon arrival we will survey the environment in question gathering additional information.

Our inspections typically last 1-2 hours, the larger the area the longer the inspection.

Samples, readings and photos will then be taken and carefully observed during the inspection period. Air-Labs uses the most up to date, calibrated equipment and instruments to offer our clients the most accurate data possible.

Samples are then analyzed in our accredited laboratory by a microbiologist who will then prepare your results.

Your written report will then be prepared containing:

  • Lab results
  • Interpretation of those results
  • All related data from our instrument readings.
  • Photos to clearly identify of all problem areas
  • Conclusion
  • Recommendations
  • Commnetary
  • Referrals for additional work only if necessary.

Follow up telephone consultation available upon request.

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