Common indoor air pollutants and air quality testing

Common Indoor Air Pollutants Found Inside Homes and Businesses

Most of us assume that the air in our home or workspace is clean, so long as it doesn’t have a strange odor. But this is not the case for most indoor spaces. Air quality testing results show that the air inside many homes and offices tend to be too contaminated – and even dangerous.…
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Mold inspection specialist checking for mold using spray dispenser

Air Labs’ Professional Approach to Mold Inspection and Assessment

Even a small amount of mold in a home can be hazardous. Prolonged exposure to certain types of mold can cause severe and even permanent health issues. Unfortunately, mold is prevalent in households across the country. It is estimated that 70% of all homes have some level of mold present! What is even more troubling…
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Indoor damp & air quality (iaq) testing

5 Reasons to Get a Pre-Purchase Air Quality Inspection Before a Home Purchase

Getting ready to buy a home can be an exciting time – but also a stressful one. You want to be sure that the home you intend to purchase is 100% safe for you and your family. But a house is not merely “safe” because of its construction quality or overall design. It includes the…
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6 reasons to consider indoor air quality testing

6 Reasons to Consider Indoor Air Quality Testing

Did you know that the air inside a house is more polluted than outside? It’s true. Indoor pollutants flow freely in our homes and office spaces every single day. These pollutants come from several different sources, among them cleaning products, air fresheners, cooking, tobacco smoke, and furniture. Indoor air pollution is much worse than outdoor…
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